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Artists’ whimsical takes on tzedakah box color CJM exhibit Thursday, April 23, 2015 | by drew himmelstein

Artists offer fresh takes on traditional Judaica by Emma Silvers

The Robot Japan Team enjoyed their visit to Lizland, where robot builder, Naoki Maru, gave Liz a preview of his imaginative humanoid robot King Kizer. Photographed and videoed by Lem Fugit.

Lizland Nights: Comix by Lem Fugitt LIZLAND — Robot ArtBots Galore: Feature by Lem Fugitt

Driftwood Salon: Liz Mamorsky - A 50 Year Retrospective

Where San Francisco

Art Scene-Open Studios: Artists' private spaces open for public viewing by Erin Roth

Bennington Magazine

From Miho to Marfa: A Bennington Insider's Guide to the
Can't-Miss Experiences in Art

Liz and other alumni artists, curators, museum directors,and connoisseurs weigh in

ROBOT magazine

PC Artbots Grow on Our Walls
Editorial feature on Liz Mamorsky's Artbots. Reproduced courtesy of Robot,, Jan.-Feb. 2011, © 2011

Boulevard Sentinel

A review of Liz Mamorsky's 3rd solo show at Future Studio Gallery featuring her ARTBOTS, September 2010

East Bay Express

East Bay Express Pick
A review of "Jabberwocky" by DeWitt Cheng


Liz Mamorsky's Home and Studio
Tel-Aviv Magazine feature by Irene Engel, Israel

Life Long Career with Robots with an Interesting Origin
by Lem Fugitt w/ video by Marc Krigbaum Lizland: Liz Mamorsky. Review and images by DeWitt Cheng


Seeing the Man in the Moon by Michael Yochum

RoboGames 2009: Review by Lem Fugitt
A Closer Look at ArtBot Creativity featuring Liz Mamorsky's ArtBots

CA Home+Design

Arts+Antiques: The Best in Art, Auctions and Gallery Openings feature by Erin Feher includes Liz Mamorsky's Seder plate at the Contemporary Jewish Museum
BART-TV BARTable Destination: Contemporary Jewish Museum
2009 video features interview with Liz Mamorsky
ARTDAILY.ORG The Dorothy Saxe Invitational Exhibition, New Works/Old Story
Online article about the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s show w/photo of Liz Mamorsky’s Lazy Daisy Seder Plate, February 27, 2009
ROBOT magazine

Lem Fugitt reviews RoboGames 2008

SERVO magazine RoboGames 2008: A World Class Event
a review by Samuel Coniglio in Servo Magazine RoboGames 2008: Scanman and Liz
Robot Art Par Excellence - Review and Video

Piedmont Post

At FLOAT Gallery, see Beneath the Surface
a review by Todd Ker
East Bay Express
The Depths of the Subconscious
a review by DeWitt Cheng of Beneath the Surface at Float Gallery Ancient City - The Art of Urban Transformation
ArtBusiness reviews the exhibit at the Hayes Valley Market Gallery

Civic Center: SFMike

Ancient City - The Art of Urban Transformation
ArtBusiness reviews the exhibit at the Hayes Valley Market Gallery

Pittsburgh City Paper
Off-Speed Pitches
Writer, Janera Solomon reviews Baseball and Blues at James Gallery
A Colorful Life
Liz Mamorsky makes more than her art bright

SF Arts Monthly

Artists Give the Spice Box a Modernist Slant
Liz Mamorsky's rolling Spice Box, Spicycle, is featured
The Daily Journal
OpArt Dances in a Sea of Color
Liz Mamorsky's lively Op Art paintings from 1964-1973 "swim around each other in cellular form inside the confines of their frames."
BREATHE Portfolio: Hot Spots
A color portfolio of Liz's Op Art paintings from the 1960s/70s, January/February 2005 issue of BREATHE Magazine
Santa Monica Daily

Organic Abstraction on Display in Santa Monica
The decidedly Op Organic Asbstract paintings by Liz Mamorsky are reviewed by Daily Press Staff


Before & After
Episode #1206 tracks the rebuild of Liz and Mel's home, Melville, after the fire
Lizland: Functional and Dysfunctional Art
Liz's sculpture features creative reuse of recycled materials

San Francisco Chronicle

Ashes to Art
After a devastatimg fire, San Francisco artist rebuilds home, restores works from her youth
MASH Magazine
Mamorsky is the featured Artist of the Month for MASH internet magazine, October 2000
Food Network
Ultimate Kitchens
LIZLAND is the feature on Ultimate Kitchens.
KPIX Channel 5
Eveing Magazine
Watch Evening Magazine on KPIX, Channel 5 at 7pm Tuesday, December 5th, direct from LIZLAND, hosted by Malou Nubla and Jonathan Karsh

Lofty Ideas
This TV program features a tour of LIZLAND, Liz Mamorsky's SoMa studio of Functional and Dysfunctional Art

KRON-TV Daybreak
Liz is the featured artist In Liz Mamorsky Makes a Menorah





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