Deep Fun

From Detritus To Delight – Welcome To Lizland, by Bernard Louis De Koven, April 21, 2017

Artists’ whimsical takes on tzedakah box color CJM exhibit, by Drew Himmelstein, April 23, 2015

Artists offer fresh takes on traditional Judaica, by Emma Silvers, June 20, 1913

LIZLAND — Robot ArtBots Galore, feature by Lem Fugitt

Driftwood Salon: Liz Mamorsky - A 50 Year Retrospective, review by Alan Bamberger, November 19, 2011

where san francisco

Art Scene-Open Studios: Artists' private spaces open for public viewing, by Erin Roth, October, 2011

Bennington Magazine

From Miho to Marfa: A Bennington Insider's Guide to the Can't-Miss Experiences in Art, Spring/Summer, 2011

robot magazine

PC Artbots Grow on Our Walls, editorial feature on Liz Mamorsky's Artbots, Jauary-February, 2011

boulevard sentinel

ARTBOTS, review of Liz Mamorsky's 3rd solo show at Future Studio Gallery, Los Angeles, September 2010

East bay express

East Bay Express Picks "Jabberwocky" at Float Galleryby DeWitt Cheng, September 15-21, 2010

women's world

Liz Mamorsky's Home and Studio, Tel-Aviv Magazine feature by Irene Engel, Israel

Life Long Career with Robots with an Interesting Origin, by Lem Fugitt w/ video by Marc Krigbaum

Lizland: Liz Mamorsky, review and images by DeWitt Cheng, November 7-8, 2009

Sf Art News

Seeing the Man in the Moon, by Michael Yochum, October 23, 2009

ca home+design

Arts+Antiques: The Best in Art, Auctions and Gallery Openings, by Erin Feher features Liz Mamorsky's Seder plate at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Mar/Apr, 2009


BARTable Destination: Contemporary Jewish Museum, 2009 video features interview with Liz Mamorsky

The Dorothy Saxe Invitational Exhibition, New Works/Old Story, Contemporary Jewish Museum’s show featuring Liz Mamorsky’s Lazy Daisy Seder Plate, March 1, 2009

robot magazine

RoboGames, Lem Fugitt reviews RoboGames 2008, featuring Liz Mamorsky's Artbots, November/December, 2008

servo magazine

RoboGames 2008: A World Class Event, review by Samuel Coniglio, October, 2008

Piedmont post

At FLOAT Gallery, See Beneath the Surface, review by Todd Kerr, April 25, 2008

east bay express

The Depths of the Subconscious, review by DeWitt Cheng of Beneath the Surface at Float Gallery, April 9, 2008

Ancient City - The Art of Urban Transformation, Alan Bamberger reviews the exhibit at the Hayes Valley Market Gallery, February 8, 2008

Pittsburgh city paper

Off-Speed Pitches, Janera Solomon reviews Baseball and Blues at James Gallery, 2006


Before & AfterEpisode #1206 tracks the rebuild of Liz and Mel's home, Melville, after the fire, 2006


Lizland: Functional and Dysfunctional Art, by Sarah Weiner, Fall 2006

american style

A Colorful Life, profile by Charlotte Richardson, October 2005

SF Arts monthly

Artists Give the Spice Box a Modernist Slant, by Sura Wood, August 29, 2005

the daily journal

OpArt Dances in a Sea of Color, by Leah Barvels, 2005

breathe Magazine

Portfolio: Hot Spotsby Meredith Tromble, January/February, 2005

santa monica daily press

Organic Abstraction on Display in Santa MonicaDaily Press Staff reviews Liz Mamorsky's Op-Art paintings at Design Within Reach, August  6, 2004

San Francisco chronicle

Ashes to Artby Angelica Pence, April 17, 2004

mash magazine

Artist of the Month: Liz Mamorsky, October, 2000

food network

Ultimate Kitchens: Welcome to LIZLAND-a factory space transformed into a gallery, studio & home, Video 04:52, October 14, 2001

kpix channel 5

Evening Magazine, direct from LIZLAND, hosted by Malou Nubla and Jonathan Karsh, Decenber 5, 2000, (video link no longer available)


Lofty Ideas, features a tour of LIZLAND, Liz Mamorsky's SoMa studio of Functional and Dysfunctional Art,  November 16, 2000, (video link no longer available)


Daybreak: Liz Mamorsky Makes a Menorah, December 3, 1999, (video link no longer available)

San Francisco Chronicle

Home/Hot Stuff: Artist Gives Recycled Materials a New Life, article by Karen Houston, May 26 1999

american Style

Liz Mamorsky, by Kathie Jackson Anderson, Spring, 1998

Los Angeles Times

Visionary Bark Drawings in Fantasy Frames, Westside Weekly Calendar, August 29, 1997

The Ohio Jewish Chronicle

Cover photo with statement, December 14, 1995

Chicago Tribune

Home/Calendar: Crafty People, by Mary Daniels, February 19, 1995

Bay Area Guardian

Critic's Choice-Art: About Face, by Harry Roche, ,March 31 1993

SF Arts Monthly

Liz Mamorsky gets Lost and Found in her Art, by Jillian Fritch, March 1993

Oakland Tribune

They Paint a Picture of Prejudice, by Joan McKinney, October 1,1972

San francisco Chronicle

A Most Unusual Primitive, review by Alfred Frankenstein, September 4, 1972

San Francisco Examiner

Sophisticated Primitive, review by Arthur Bloomfield, September 1, 1972

life magazine

Craze for Quilts, article/photo spread, May 5, 1972

San Francisco Chronicle

At Focus, Vorpal and Sun Galleries, August 31, 1971

Art News

Review by Peter Schjeldahl, October,1966

Time magazine

Art in New York. review, October 7, 1966

World Journal Tribune

Friday Tour of Art, review, October 7, 1966

House & Garden

The Delights of Color, article, March, 1966

Art News

Review by Michael Benedikt, Summer, 1964